Sustainable Health Care System

Benefits Management: Ensuring sustainable benefits for today and tomorrow

Thinking long-term helps us reframe traditional benefits packages into flexible, yet sustainable health solutions. 

Our holistic approach to benefits management within Medavie Blue Cross focuses on utilizing cross-functional health care expertise to monitor and adapt to trends in order to design flexible benefits plans that fit the evolving needs of clients large and small.

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Drug coverage is one of the most complex and widely utilized health benefits. With the ever-changing landscape of newer, more complicated and costly drug therapies, our Optimal Drug Plan Management framework is essential to ensuring benefit plans serve the needs of today and remain sustainable into the future. This comprehensive and integrated suite of solutions, rooted in the clinical and economic evaluation of medications by our expert Medication Advisory Panel (MAP), ensures that best drugs are accessible to the right patients, at the right time, and at the right price.

MAP provides the foundation to generate a mix of drug coverage solutions including our specialty drug Patient First Network, which integrates access to patient support services within our evidence-based prior authorization process. We remain at the forefront of the drug landscape with continuous innovation and integration of solutions such as our strategic pharmacy networks*, pharmaceutical product agreements, and unique managed formulary plan designs. Not only do these solutions help keep costs sustainable, they enable plans to invest in new treatments, prevention, and ongoing health management in order to provide better health and access to care.

Our Optimal Drug Plan Management began decades ago and has helped us cover expensive drugs while still providing affordable plans. Our investment and forward-thinking approach means that today, more Canadians can maintain productive and healthy lives, and are able to manage their conditions without worrying about the costs of medication. 

* Not available in Quebec.

Health Ed: Training the next generations of paramedics

Medavie Health Services doesn’t just employ paramedics. We train them. And training gives us an opportunity to take a long-term perspective. The accredited, bilingual Medavie HealthEd school has graduated hundreds of paramedics ready to take their skills across Canada—many with Medavie Health Services teams. It’s also a key Primary Care Paramedic training partner of the Department of National Defence for the Canadian Armed Forces, making sure our forces have the highest level of care we can give them. 

SmithWhitton-3320-copy.jpg#asset:192:shortStoryEducation and training lets Medavie Health Services create the kind of paramedics Canadians need today—training that goes beyond just emergency care and patient transportation and enables graduates to even be a part of collaborative care units or provide home-care and other expanded services. 

Empowering Children and Their Families to Live Healthier Lifestyles

Healthy habits start early. Starting life with wellness in mind—an active lifestyle, healthy food choices, and managing mental health—has a huge impact not only on a person’s health, but on the entire health care system. Early intervention is the best way to effectively manage costs and build healthier, happier citizens. 

dr-zenlea-with-boy_cover.jpg#asset:227:shortStoryThe Medavie Health Foundation’s support of Trillium Health Partners and their KidFit program strives to break the cycle of childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, and anxiety. The goal is to teach children, and their families, the skills to lead healthy, active lifestyles and create those healthy habits early. Dr. Ian Zenlea and his team are having a lasting impact on the lives of families in Ontario, in the growing and diverse populations of Mississauga, West Toronto and surrounding communities. It’s an approach that doesn’t end with the families directly impacted, but will extend well beyond and into the health care system as a whole. 

Medavie Blue Cross Drug & Benefit plan management

  • Over two decades of experience ensuring savings and sustainability with rising drug costs
  • Over 60 in-house clinical experts
  • Over 80 drugs reviewed per year
  • $1 Billion in drug claims paid annually