Access to healthy food and physical activity contribute to overall wellbeing. The Medavie Foundation aims to strengthen community-centered food systems and improve access to physical activity through accessible outdoor spaces and sport programs, community gardens, urban farms, and community kitchens, etc.

To be considered for Healthy Living funding, initiatives must:

  • increase or improve access to regular and consistent physical activity, and/or
  • increase or improve access to healthy food by strengthening a community-based food system and building community belonging
  • be open to the public and accessible across a community (i.e., no/low cost, in a public/community space)
  • tracks community participation in terms of the number or increased number of people participating as well as improvements in physical or food literacy and/or physical health condition

For an example of a Healthy Living partnership, read about our work with North Grove Community Food Centre, or explore Our Stories for more funding examples and to see how Medavie is improving wellbeing.

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Partnerships can take up to 2 months to establish. Please take this into consideration during your planning.

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