Q: How can we request funding?

A: Select the funding focus area that matches how your organization or initiative is helping the community. Read the funding criteria and then complete the steps to request funding.

Q: Can we still apply for funding if we don’t meet the criteria of the any of the focus areas?

A: While there are many worthwhile causes and organizations Medavie Foundation focuses on a few of the most pressing physical and mental health challenges facing Canadians. We are unable to consider requests that fall outside of our funding criteria.

Q: Our initiative is a fit for more than one of our funding focus areas. Which one should we apply to?

A: Given our criteria includes tracking community impact, it would be best to apply within the funding focus area that best aligns with your primary outcome measures.

Q: Do we have to be a registered charity?

A: Applicants must be a non-profit organization, and if not a registered charity, your group must apply with a registered charity or other qualified donee.

As a charitable organization itself, Medavie Foundation can only grant funds to other registered charities or qualified donees.

Q: How much funding can we request?

A: The amount of funding granted by Medavie Foundation varies depending on the need and use of funds as well scope and impact. Amount of potential funding is discussed after fit with funding criteria is confirmed.

Q: How can we schedule a meeting?

A: Foundation staff will contact you for a meeting to learn more about your request once we have received an expression of interest and confirmed all funding criteria is met.

Q: Can we include attachments with the expression of interest?

A: To consider all requests on an equal basis, only the Expression of Interest will be considered. Any attachments included will not be reviewed.

Q: When will we hear back after we submit an expression of interest?

A: You will hear back usually 4-5 weeks after submitting an expression of interest.

Q: If we meet all the criteria will be funded?

A: We seek to balance our funding across the focus areas as well as communities across the regions. Initiatives that seem to fit with the criteria may not be funded.

Q: We have other questions ― how can we contact someone?

A: If you have a question not answered above email us at [email protected]

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