Our goal is to increase access to healthy food with a focus on strengthening local community-based food systems through community/collective gardens, urban farms, community kitchens, and/or similar initiatives.

To be considered for funding within Healthy Food, the organization/initiative must meet the following criteria:

  • serve a region where Medavie has operations (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • applicant organization must be a community-based non-profit
  • demonstrate strong organizational financial management and governance
  • benefits a community of people that disproportionately experiences food insecurity and the community is actively engaged in the initiative (e.g., leadership, decision-making, implementation, participation)
  • strengthens a community-based food system and builds upon community belonging (e.g., neighbourhood kitchens, community gardens, community food centres, and urban farms)
  • includes food skills, education and/or community participation alongside access to healthy food
  • tracks effectiveness in terms of food produced and distributed, as well as participation in activities of the garden/farm/kitchen or similar

For an example of a Healthy Food grant, read about our partnership with Hope Blooms.

Questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Apply for funding

Step 1: Complete the eligibility quiz below to determine if your healthy food initiative is a potential fit with the funding criteria.

Step 2: If there seems to be a fit with the criteria, you will be able to download the expression of interest form and instructions for next steps.

Is your organization and its activities located in one or more of the following regions where Medavie operates: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland and Labrador?

Is your organization a registered charity or other qualified donee with Canada Revenue Agency OR are you a community-based non-profit group that can receive funding in partnership through a registered charity or other qualified donee?

Will the requested funds be used to improve access to healthy food for a community that disproportionately experiences food insecurity?

Will the requested funds be used in support of strengthening the local community-based food system such as a community/collective garden, urban farm, and/or community kitchen, and/or similar initiative?

Is the community directly benefiting from the initiative also represented in the leadership and decision-making, production, and/or preparation of the food?

Do you track community impact using measures that include number or increased number of people accessing healthy food, food produced/distributed as well as engagement of the people supported in activities of the garden/farm/kitchen or similar?

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