Post-Traumatic Stress not only affects people who have experienced trauma, it can impact their families and support systems too — from their household to relatives, friends, and anyone who plays a significant role in their life. The Medavie Foundation aims to improve access to credentialled, community-centered counselling and therapy, ensuring care is accessed as soon as possible.

To be considered for Post-Traumatic Stress funding, initiatives must:

  • address the range of possible individual mental health challenges and symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions or needs)
  • track usage as well as clinical outcomes (i.e., change or maintenance of symptoms)

For an example of a post-traumatic stress partnership, read about our partnership with PSPNET, or explore Our Stories for more funding examples and to see how Medavie is improving wellbeing.

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Partnerships can take up to 2 months to establish. Please take this into consideration during your planning.

*Some groups of people are disproportionately affected by PTS because of the nature of their work. Among those at higher risk of PTS are public safety personnel, including paramedics, firefighters (career and volunteer), police as well as Indigenous emergency managers, search and rescue and public safety communications personnel (911 operators, dispatchers), correctional services officers, border services officers, and operational intelligence personnel.

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