3 Quebec Organizations Receive Funding in Support of Mental Health Initiatives

Funding supports children and youth in communities served by EquiLibre, Revivre and Fondation Jeunes en Tête.

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From left to right: Pierre Marion, Senior Director of Sales and Business Relations, Medavie Blue Cross; Roxanne Léonard, Executive Director, Équilibre; Maryse Lefebvre, Development Officer, Équilibre; Alain Beauregard, Grants Review Committee Member and Team Lead of Member Claims, Medavie Blue Cross, and Genevieve Cyrenne, Senior Communications Advisor, Medavie Blue Cross.

Three organizations providing mental health prevention and intervention programs for children and youth in Quebec are receiving funding from Medavie Health Foundation. The funding is provided through the Foundation’s 2017 Grants Program, which supports targeted programs aligned with child and youth mental health, post-traumatic stress disorder, and type 2 diabetes.

  • A $25,000 grant to EquiLibre will support Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, in promoting positive body image and healthy behaviours. The evidenced-based, bilingual program helps children and youth improve self-esteem and overall health. This grant brings our funding support of this initiative to $75,000.
  • Fondation Jeunes en Tête is using a $15,000 grant to support Partners for Life, a free, bilingual prevention program offered in secondary schools to help students, teachers, parents and health professionals recognize mental stress. Having helped reduce provincial suicide rates in the last decade, this program helps change health behaviours and directs people to available resources in the community.
  • Revivre supports youth impacted by anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder to better manage their health. A $15,000 grant will help the organization deliver intervention services by phone, email and in-person in providing youth with the skills and supports to maintain a high quality of life while living with their mental illness. This is the third year the Foundation has supported Revivre, bringing our funding support to $45,000.

These are three of the 23 organizations receiving funding through Medavie Health Foundation’s 2017 Grants Program. Since late 2011, the Foundation has committed over $10.7 million to single and multi-year grant and partnership programs, some of which have yet to be announced.

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From left to right: Guillaume, Animator – Partners for Life, Fondation Jeunes en Tête; Stéphane Moreau, Fund Development Advisor, Fondation Jeunes en Tête; Alain Beauregard, Grants Review Committee Member and Team Lead of Member Claims, Medavie Blue Cross, and Joliane, Animator – Partners for Life, Fondation Jeunes en Tête.

Quick Facts

  • Some 50% of youth are dissatisfied with their body shape although most are of normal weight or even under weight. Body dissatisfaction is associated with low self-esteem, depression, psychological distress, suicidal thoughts and school dropout.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 34 after accidents. In 2012, suicide accounted for 28% of deaths among youth aged 15 to 19, and 25% among young adults aged 20 to 24.1
  • 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence. Young people aged 15 to 24 are more likely to experience mental illness or substance use disorders than any other age group.1

“Through our grants program, we fund grass-roots initiatives that are making a real difference to Canadians on an individual and community level. These organizations support individuals and their families impacted by mental health in receiving the help they need, while building capacity in our communities. This aligns with our vision, that all Canadians, especially young Canadians, have access to the supports and tools they need to live their best lives.”

Patty Faith, Executive Director, Medavie Health Foundation

“Each year, we raise awareness about depression with over 45,000 young people through our free program, Partners for Life. This grant from Medavie Health Foundation will help us maintain our presence in schools and support youth in becoming well-rounded adults with good mental health.”

Mélanie Boucher, Executive Director, Fondation Jeunes en Tête

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