Canadian Patient Safety Week

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do within Medavie Health Services.

As we continue to deal with the challenges of COVID-19, everyone at all levels of our organization – including paramedics, nurses, dispatchers, fleet and administrative staff – has been going above and beyond in their commitment to keeping our patients and communities safe.

During the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s Canadian Patient Safety Week, between October 25-29, we will be highlighting the patient safety efforts of some of our Medavie Health Services employees.

They are part of an exemplary group of employees who have excelled at improving our patient safety experience, who seek out potential hazards and focus on solutions to reduce risk to our patients. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing all of them as our 2021 Patient Safety Champions.

PSW2021 Komoto 400 X500

EHS Operations - Hisanobu Komoto

Originally from Japan, Hisanobu has been an Advanced Care Paramedic at EHS Operations since 2012. When he arrives on a scene, Hisanobu takes four main areas of care into account: physical, mental or psychological, social and spiritual. That spiritual connection is particularly important to him, which he believes builds a connection with the patient and improves patient safety and care, as well as increases the chances of better health outcomes.

PSW2021 Jeff 400 X600

Medavie Health Services West - Jeff Maxin

Advanced Care Paramedic Jeff Maxin has always gone above and beyond when it comes to providing exceptional, safe and patient-centred care. As the developer and lead on MHS West’s mentorship program for new Advance Care Paramedics, he helps ensure the paramedics feel safe and prepared as they transition into their new roles. Jeff has also taken the initiative to build mock rooms and environments for paramedics to conduct their Transferring Lifting Repositioning training to ensure they have a realistic environment to practice keeping both paramedics and patients safe in the process.

PSW2021 Jordan 400 X500

Chatham-Kent - Jordan Lessard

As a Primary Care Paramedic and Community Paramedic for Chatham-Kent EMS, Jordan Lessard demonstrates her dedication to safety and care in everything she does. And she does so with a level of compassion and understanding that resonates not only with her patients but her colleagues, as well. This includes ensuring the safety for patients outside the hospital, providing innovative and at-home solutions for her patients.

PSW2021 Andre 400 X500

MHS West (Moose Jaw) - André Bourdeau

One of André Bourdeau’s biggest impacts is helping new paramedics understand the importance of the impact they have on the health, safety and well-being of patients. The long-time Primary Care Paramedic with MHS West-Moose Jaw is a key member on its Occupational Health and Safety Committee and has gone out of his way to help new team members understand the safe use and application of all equipment. Regardless of the situation, André ensures that the patient experience is never compromised.

PSW2021 Ian 350x450

Perth County - Ian Brown

Ian Brown began his career as a Paramedic with Perth County Paramedic Services in 2001 and, after completing Health and Safety training, became a Health and Safety representative in 2003. Even as an Acting Commander for Perth County Paramedic Services, Ian still takes the time to provide on-site training to staff and, since 2018, has been a certified driving instructor who continues to deliver didactic and practical driver education to new hires, as well as remedial driver training to existing staff.

PSW2021 Gerry 350x450

Island EMS – Gerry Fougere

In a career spanning close to a quarter century, Gerry Fougere has become a leading voice for safety across Island EMS. The Advanced Care Paramedic and alternate Senior Operations Paramedic puts safety first in all his duties, particularly when it comes to clinical practices and the training of new paramedics. As his colleagues know, if something is not right or safe, Gerry will let you know!

PSW2021 Brandon 400 X500

EM/ANB – Brandon Mills

Brandon Mills’ career as a Respiratory Therapist has literally taken him from coast to coast. Since 2015, he has worked in the provinces of British Columbia, Nova Scotia and in his current home of New Brunswick, where he is a member of the province’s Extra-Mural Program in Woodstock. His commitment to the highest standards of safety for his patients and community – particularly in following all safety protocols and procedures – has earned him well-deserved recognition as a Medavie Health Services Patient Safety Champion.

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