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A message from Bernard Lord, Medavie CEO:
In the face of considerable uncertainty and change over the past year, we are reminded that we are stronger when we come together for each other. And it is in times like these that Medavie’s mission to improve the wellbeing of Canadians seems more important than ever.

It was with this strong sense of purpose and urgency that our team of more than 7,200 professionals worked together to help Canadians, when they needed us most, guided by our core values of being Caring, Accountable, Responsive, Innovative and Community-minded.

At Medavie Blue Cross, and similarly at Medavie Health Services, we continue to remove barriers to care by ensuring that Canadians have timely access to support and services. To help slow the spread of COVID-19, our healthcare teams are on the frontlines administering screening tests and vaccinations to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

Our mission is also the reason we created a $5 million COVID-19 Response Fund, through the Medavie Foundation, to support community-based organizations help meet the immediate needs of vulnerable and at-risk Canadians through the pandemic — with a focus on food insecurity and youth mental health care. As the challenges of the pandemic have persisted into 2021, we are continuing to disburse funds to communities.

We are inspired by the stories of Canadians who, in every corner of our country, are caring for their fellow citizens and their communities. From the volunteers safely distributing food, to the mental health service providers rapidly pivoting how they help young people, we can take pride in the humanitarianism of so many people across our nation.

This report is meant to shine a spotlight on some of the stories of care, innovation and resilience that have emerged from the pandemic. These are the silver linings behind the cloud that show the great things that can happen when communities unite for the common good.

We are incredibly proud to partner with each of these organizations in helping make our communities stay safe and build resilience. As communities recover, we will continue to invest in strengthening access to healthy food, active living and adolescent mental health, as well as addressing first responder post-traumatic stress, recognizing that collaboration is key to achieving our shared goals of a stronger, healthier Canada.


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Our Mission is to Improve the Wellbeing of Canadians.

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