Maintaining a culture of caring on both sides of the screen

Greg Bambury
Greg Bambury

By: Greg Bambury, Chief Human Resources Officer, Medavie

In the June issue of Business Voice, Medavie Chief Human Resources Officer Greg Bambury shares how organizations, including Medavie, maintained their culture and ensured business objectives were met — with no playbook to guide them — during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg suggests employers consider three key elements in designing their workplace of the future: innovation, collaboration and a concerted effort to build and maintain strong connections among colleagues.

As we emerge from the pandemic, Greg says employers like Medavie are taking a hard look at their operating models and exploring new ways to keep employees engaged and supported in this ever-shifting landscape.

“We share the same goal of making a meaningful impact in the lives of our colleagues. We aim to continuously and intentionally improve on our desired culture. We believe in actively and authentically promoting the physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing of our team members, and subsequently, our clients, partners, plan members and communities.“

Greg speaks of the importance of living our values and delivering results in fueling Medavie’s mission to improve the wellbeing of Canadians. He describes values as inherent to culture and need to resonate in key processes such as talent development, performance management, recognition, leadership development and onboarding.

“A values-based culture is the essential ingredient of a healthy workplace. Our mission is more than a poster on a wall – it is our purpose.”

He also stresses the importance of taking the time to listen and learn; implementing feedback channels where individuals feel comfortable expressing an idea or opinion and knowing that their voices are being heard – especially through these challenging times. This is in addition to equipping frontline managers with practical tools and techniques to respond to their team’s needs through these challenging times, while empowering them in a remote and hybrid environment.

Greg recommends that employers be focused on a growth mindset culture, where people are encouraged to try new approaches and learn from them.

“Building on ongoing progress by communicating with employees goes a long way to retaining and attracting the right people for your organization, or to put it more accurately, the right brand ambassadors for your business.”

He says employers can maintain rapport and trust through compassion, regular engagement, two-way feedback channels and by making time for personal connections.

The pandemic has given us a tremendous opportunity to challenge our paradigms and reimagine our workplace so that it thrives, he concludes. The accelerated adoption of digital tools, flexible management and strong organizational structures has expedited our progression towards the future of how we conduct business.

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