Celebrating Those Who Inspire Us at Medavie

How they’re “Breaking the Bias”

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a month-long event at Medavie as we join together to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about bias and advance equality.

The global theme of this year’s IWD is “break the bias”, inviting us to call out bias when we see it, challenge stereotypes, break inequality and reject discrimination. It is in this spirit that we invited four women who inspire us at Medavie to share how they “break the bias” and to strike the IWD 2022 pose in support of an inclusive world.

Angela Sereda BTB 531x628

“Be a role model and inspire others around you, which in turn will motivate others to be better.”

Angela Sereda

Manager, Mobile Integrated Health Program
Medavie Health Services West

Nathalie Boudreau BTB 531x628

“Being strong, confident women starts with believing in ourselves, and not shying away from where this can lead us”

Nathalie Boudreau

Manager, Finance
Medavie Blue Cross

Melanie Yeung BTB 531x628

“There are no limits to women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; there are only limits to those who don’t believe. I believe that I can ‘break the bias’.”

Melanie Yeung

Director, Digital Product

Anick Orisol BTB 531x628

“Breaking the bias starts with letting go of premade assumptions and empower each other as women.”

Anick Oriol

Disability Management Consultant
Medavie Blue Cross

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As a trusted health solutions partner, and member of the 30% Club Canada, we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that honours the unique experiences, perspectives and identities of everyone we employ and serve and ensures better gender balance at all levels of our organization.

This is reflected in the composition of our board and our workforce, with 70% of employees at Medavie Blue Cross holding leadership roles. Read more about our overall focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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