Living Our Lessons: The Roadmap for the Healthcare System of Tomorrow

What do we need to place at the core of our healthcare system now to set it up for success tomorrow and beyond?

That’s a question that Medavie CEO Bernard Lord and Medavie Health Services President Erik Sande address in an Insights essay for, a leading health services knowledge centre, together with co-authors Lisa Purdy, Sarah Newbery and Chris Wilson.*

Here is what Erik and Bernard had to say on reimagining the future of health care.

”It’s about being clinician-agnostic and getting care to people at the right place at the right time. We’re really encouraged to see the momentum and acceleration of mobile integrated health. In an uncertain time, it's brought stability and continuity to patient care and allowed us to build out collaborative teams. It's also allowed us to appreciate how digital tools and virtual channels can work in tandem with face-to-face healthcare delivery.”

Erik Sande

“As health solutions partners and leaders, we must ask hard questions about the future of healthcare in Canada – especially if we are to come out of the pandemic stronger. We must find ways to help people stay healthy and in their homes as long as possible, help them navigate the healthcare system when they do need it and ultimately ensure they receive the right care at the right time.”

Bernard Lord

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