Community Paramedicine and our COVID-19 Response

The fall issue of Ambulance Today, an international magazine focused on prehospital emergency care, takes a look at the many different responses of emergency medical (EMS) providers around the world to COVID-19, including that of Medavie Health Services (MHS).

In an interview with Ambulance Today, Matt Crossman, Vice President of Operations for MHS, shares our organization’s experience on the frontlines of the global pandemic in Canada, and, how working together with federal and provincial governments, we have helped to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Canadians.

He explains how our MHS responders have trained and planned for difficult situations, including pandemics, so when COVID-19 emerged “everyone knew exactly what they needed to do and our operations worked as part of regional health teams to address the quickly evolving situation. We were able to provide the stability and continuity of care that people expect from us during times of crisis — in many cases, providing care in the comfort of our patients’ homes and communities, where they are often happiest and healthiest.”

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