Improving the Mental Wellbeing of Canadians

Improving the wellbeing of Canadians is our mission.

We know mental health is a key part of Canadians’ overall wellbeing. It’s a priority, which is why we provide a comprehensive suite of mental health services and supports as leading health insurer, and focus on adolescent mental health and post-traumatic stress as core causes of our foundation.

In support of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s annual Mental Health Week awareness campaign, we offer words to lead by in developing psychologically safe and healthy workplaces and communities for the future. We’ve gathered actionable insights from thought leaders within Medavie and our partner organizations to help Canadians build resilience. These insights are timely given how nearly half of Canadians report a deterioration in their mental health due anxieties and uncertainties associated with the pandemic ― making the need for accessible, affordable mental health care more essential than ever.

“By breaking down barriers to treatment, providing the most immediate care possible and by intervening early, we can help prevent mild to moderate mental health concerns from escalating.”

Bernard Lord, CEO, Medavie, Leading Forward Insights Webinar

“We have invested in this program because we fundamentally believe everyone should have access to mental health support.”

Eric Laberge, President, Medavie Blue Cross, announcing Medavie’s support of Stronger Minds by BEACON® – a free digital program available for all Canadians.

“Community paramedicine is an important example of how we can help fill existing gaps in care and bring health care right to our patients, where and when they need it most.”

Erik Sande, President, Medavie Health Services, Toronto Sun

“Long before the pandemic, our community paramedics were treating patients directly in their homes, where they are mentally and physically at their healthiest, and avoiding unnecessary hospital trips.”

Matthew Crossman, Vice President Operations, Medavie Health Services, Ambulance Today

“Now is the time to take action by enabling employees to take their mental health and well-being into their own hands with flexible health benefit options.”

Marc Avaria, Vice President, Product and Disability Management, Medavie Blue Cross, Insurance Business Canada magazine

“There’s really no one-size-fits all approach to mental health supports when it comes to benefit plans. We look at the needs of an organization and try to fit the offerings to make sure we’re addressing their employees’ needs.”

Rebecca Smith, Director of Life and Disability Health Services, Medavie Blue Cross, HR Reporter magazine

“With technology and the innovations of our modern society, it is possible to facilitate access to quality mental health care to ensure a return to health for workers.”

Jonathan Galarneau, Manager of Disability Management, Avantages magazine

“Providing homeless and at-risk youth with access to mental health care can help them on their path to resilience and independence.”

Cécile Arbaud, Executive Director, Dans La Rue, Medavie Health Foundation partner

“Timely access to mental health services helps develop stronger, more resilient youth.”

Andrew LeBlanc, Executive Director, Atlantic Wellness, Mental Health Foundation partner

“Businesses who invest in the health and wellbeing of their employees do better. Period.”

Paula Allen, SVP, Research, Analytics & Innovation, Morneau Shepell, and panelist Medavie Blue Cross, Benefits Together conference

“Until the pandemic, we were pushing the mental health rock up the hill. Now the rock is running after us and happening fast, and everyone needs to pay attention.”

Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier, Leadership, resilience & burnout prevention expert, work psychologist, and panelist Medavie Blue Cross, Benefits Together conference

Our Mission is to Improve the Wellbeing of Canadians.

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