Celebrating Paramedic Services Week: Profiles of Women in Paramedicine

Paramedics play a critical role on the front lines of our healthcare system. Every day, paramedics put themselves at risk to serve the public. When most of us are running away from danger, they are running towards it. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a light on their heroism, in the most difficult circumstances.

May 23 to 29, 2021 is Paramedic Services Week, an occasion to recognize these hardworking, courageous professionals for their dedicated public service and to thank them for protecting our health and safety during the pandemic.

Caring for Canadians

We join in saluting Canada’s paramedics, especially those who are providing essential care to Canadians. As part of this tribute, we are sharing a recent article from Canadian Paramedicine magazine, which profiles of three of our paramedics who are caring for Canadians and their communities in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island.

“We are the beginning of the circle of care, initiating the first level of care during what could be considered the greatest hours of need.”

Allysha Adamo

“It is different every day — whether it is supporting a patient transfer, arriving on scene to support a car accident, or delivering a baby, it involves a wide variety of clinical work and there is never a dull moment.”

Alison Larkin

Playing a pivotal role

Allysha Adamo, Primary Care Paramedic, Chatham-Kent EMS, Alison Larkin, Advanced Care Paramedic, Senior Operations Paramedic, Island EMS and Holly Poirier, Paramedic, Medavie Health Services West all play a pivotal role in delivering integrated care programs and bringing high-quality care to directly to patients.

Women paramedics are celebrated in the latest edition of Paramedicine Magazine
Allysha, Allison and Holly

“Our rigorous training ensures that our patients receive the best, most immediate care possible from a dedicated and knowledgeable first responder and health care provider.”

Holly Poirier

Read their stories in their own words as they share their career influences, the favourite aspects of their work, the barriers they still face and the advice they have for young women looking to advance their careers.

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