Paramedic Services Week 2023

During Paramedic Services Week, our focus is on all the great work paramedics do to keep us and our communities safe and healthy.

At Medavie, we are proud to have passionate, dedicated professionals on our emergency and health services teams. Our highly trained paramedics are also members of our community care teams who follow our mobile integrated health model to ease emergency department visits, reduce hospital admissions and expand long-term care options by delivering education and in-home care to patients who need it most.

Learn more about the unique and challenging work environments our paramedics are part of and how they work each day to support communities across Canada.

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“When the patients come to us, we do our assessments. Right from introducing ourselves to finding out what their allergies are and what their chief complaint is and then we spring into action as best as we can.”

Doug Pamment

Primary Care Paramedic working in Canada's North

Our People. Their Stories - Doug Pamment

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“I asked my mom, ‘what do you think of me being a paramedic? She said I have the personality for it and told me to do it. So, I told her, that’s great because I start two weeks from now.”

Sherry and Lauren

Primary Care Paramedics working in Nova Scotia

Our People. Their Stories - Sherry and Lauren

“I want people to know that being a paramedic is a great career choice and I will happily do what it takes to get the word out."

Mike MacKenzie

Senior Primary Care Paramedic working with Island EMS

Paramedics Among the Frontline Heroes Canadians Depend on for Care

Thank you to all the paramedics who serve our communities every day, and we encourage you to take time this week to thank a paramedic for their hard work and commitment to public service.

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Where our paramedics train

Our paramedics' career paths vary widely across the organization. Isabelle Richard Basque, a 27-year veteran paramedic, is now a beloved instructor for new paramedics at the Medavie HealthEd French language Primary Care Paramedic program (PCP) in Tracadie. Learn more about where our paramedics' train and the instructors that train them.

Paramedics are an essential part of our health care system and play a critical role in saving lives each day. Are you interested in pursuing a career in paramedicine? Visit Medavie HealthEd and see what your future in paramedicine could look like today.

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