Health Outside of Hospitals

Active Case Management: Managing for Wellness

Not being able to work due to an illness or injury has a huge impact on someone’s life. Getting back to work and to normal life—even if that normal looks a little different than it did before—can help someone get through an often very difficult part of life.

That’s why Medavie Blue Cross goes farther, and why the Active Case Management (ACM) process was developed.  ACM involves ongoing collaboration between our team at Medavie Blue Cross, our member’s employer (the plan sponsor), their physicians and other health care providers, and most importantly, our plan member. It’s designed to ensure that the whole team is working together towards one outcome: Getting that person back to their every day, as healthy and happy as possible. All in a collaborative, efficient way that prioritizes a holistic view of health. It’s not just what happens in the physician’s office, ACM helps people shift lifestyle choices if needed, provides education and advice on living with their condition, and supports them as they reintegrate into their workplace. 

Coordinating efforts between the traditional health care system, the people within the system, and our team doesn’t just help individuals. It helps all of us.  This kind of collaborative model ensures people have the support they need to live their best lives while reducing strains on our collective health system and supporting the future sustainability of employer health plans. 


“What we’re really talking about at Medavie is building Canada’s out of hospital health-care-system.”

– Michael Decter, Medavie Board Chair

A Pathway Through Mental Health Care for Postsecondary Students


Nearly 70% of mental health disorders can be diagnosed before age 25, and youth in postsecondary education are at the highest risk of disorders like depression, anxiety and ADHD. These kinds of diagnoses can have a life-long impact on both mental and physical health, and Dr. Stan Kutcher has dedicated his career to helping youth address these challenges.

Today, the Medavie Health Foundation is helping Dr. Kutcher to create, evaluate and share a comprehensive and effective campus mental health framework for the Maritimes, with a vision that can be applied across the country — one that can serve as a model for educational institutions around the world. Pathway through Mental Health Care for Postsecondary Settings will work to ensure every student has access to proven care and interventions, when and where they need it. 

Delivering Care into Homes and Communities


Keeping people out of the hospital has a huge positive impact on the health care system. It can help improve health outcomes for patients, help our governments manage costs, and keeps important resources dedicated to acute care. Medavie Health Services saw how we could help. In collaboration with the Chatham-Kent Health Link in the Southwestern Ontario municipality, a team of dedicated, highly trained paramedics work outside of their traditional roles to deliver education and routine in-home care to residents who may otherwise make unnecessary or frequent trips to the hospital. It’s one more way we are making the most of our teams, delivering care to people who need it most, and helping governments make the best use of health care resources.