A New Model for Primary Health Care

With an aging population and unique challenges including an overreliance on emergency department use, New Brunswick is at a pivotal moment in their health care journey. The health care system has a strong foundation, but change is necessary. 

We see the opportunities for the services already in place—emergency medical services, home care, and telehealth—to work better, together, to improve accessibility and delivery of primary health care, and to make the health system easier to navigate for patients and their families.


In 2016 we were proud to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with New Brunswick to explore the possibility of combining Ambulance New Brunswick, the Extra-Mural Program, and Tele-Care 811 under a single, coordinated organization led by Medavie Health Services. By examining, redeploying and enhancing existing primary health care resources, we can find capacity in the system to provide better care and help build a healthier province by providing New Brunswickers with the right care, by the right provider, when and where they need it.


“By better coordinating resources and fully leveraging the talented, dedicated healthcare professionals delivering service today, we can increase capacity, improve people’s health, and ensure care is delivered in the right place, at the right time, by the right provider.”

– Erik Sande, President, Medavie Health Services

Engaging Specialized Health Education and Support

Through managing health benefits we see not only the profound impact chronic diseases can have on the lives of Canadians, but also the opportunity to do something about them. Simply managing a condition such as diabetes affects you at home, at work, and throughout your life. Our approach to chronic disease management for our Group and Individual members focuses on connecting people with the tools, resources, and health professionals that help them better manage their conditions—to learn more about their condition, to improve their own self-care, and gain advice from our growing, national network of experts including respiratory therapists, diabetes educators, nurses, and pharmacists.

Going further, we also invested in a multi-year behaviour change intervention program in 2015. Together with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, we’re supporting a research study investigating prevention and management tools for people at risk of developing chronic conditions. Because we don’t just want to provide benefits, we want to have a positive impact on quality of life for people in their homes and work places across Canada. 

Health Coaching to Live Well

The Medavie Health Foundation is our incubator to test innovative thinking, an opportunity to try new ideas, and to adapt and scale the things that work. 

And what’s been working is a partnership between Diabetes Canada and the Live Well!/Bien Vivre! program in New Brunswick. The program utilizes a community-based approach for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes that brings health coaches to work directly with individuals to support lifestyle changes like healthy eating and physical activity. In fact, Live Well!/Bien Vivre! is working so well that the program is expanding to Nova Scotia in 2017 to support people of African descent living across the province. 

Managing Chronic Disease

50% of Canadians live with one or more chronic diseases

67% of all direct health costs are attributed to treating chronic diseases.

  • That’s quite an incentive for all of us to work together and invest in approaches that reverse this trend.