2023 Patient Safety Champions

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do within Medavie Health Services.

As we gear up for Healthcare Excellence Canada’s Canadian Patient Safety Week (Oct 23-27), we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the outstanding dedication of our incredible team. Our employees are a remarkable group of professionals who go above and beyond to improve our patient safety experience, seek out potential hazards and focus on solutions to reduce risk to our patients. We hope you’ll join us in recognizing them as our 2023 Patient Safety Champions.

Brent MacDonald – ACP

Brent MacDonald – ACP
Island EMS

Celebrating 27 Years of Dedication! Meet Brent MacDonald, an integral member of his Island EMS team. His roles have included Advanced Care Paramedic, Mobile Integrated Health community paramedic and, most recently, Duty Supervisor. Often commended by his colleagues, Brent's commitment goes above and beyond, touching the lives of his co-workers, patients and their families - treating every patient like they are a special member of his own family. Brent has also served as a volunteer firefighter for an impressive 31 years and has been a CPR instructor, generously sharing his knowledge with fellow professionals and the community. Cheers to Brent for being a Patient Safety Champion!
Chloe Dearsley – PCP

Chloe Dearsley – PCP
MHS West – Moose Jaw

Meet Chloe Dearsley, a Primary Care Paramedic at MHS West - Moose Jaw. Known for her incredible dedication and attention to patient care, treatment and safety, Chloe is hailed by her peers as a true champion in the field. Always a professional, Chloe ensures patients feel included in their own health care decisions and advocates while providing care. She ensures the patient's voice is heard and valued and often checks in with patients later in the day. Through this exceptional communication and advocacy, Chloe embodies the qualities of a true Patient Safety Champion.
Jaret Matthews – PCP MHS West – Central

Jaret Matthews – PCP
MHS West – Central

Primary Care Paramedic Jaret Matthews is a great example of putting patient needs above his own. In moments that matter most, Jaret goes above and beyond, performing palliative end-of-life transports and ensuring comfort with personalized music and seamless transitions. Throughout it all, he prioritizes safety for his patients and colleagues. Let's celebrate our Patient Safety Champion, Jaret Matthews!

Chad Sander – Intermediate Care Paramedic MHS West – Saskatoon

Chad Sander – Intermediate Care Paramedic
MHS West – Saskatoon

As an Intermediate Care Paramedic within MHS West – Saskatoon's Mobile Integrated Health team, Chad Sander takes a big-picture approach to patient care, specializing in safe acute detox. Chad considers all aspects of a client's primary health needs, including anticipating future complications and implementing safeguards. Not one to stop there, Chad consistently follows up with patients, ensuring they are well and connected with community resources. His focus on long-term success has benefited both his clients and the community. Chad's commitment to long-term success makes him a 2023 Patient Safety Champion for his clients and community.
Dana Lake – Primary Care Paramedic

Dana Lake – Primary Care Paramedic
Perth County

Dana Lake, a dedicated member of Perth County Paramedic Services for over three decades, continues to shine in her latest role with our Mobile Integrated Health unit. Dana works tirelessly with her patients, encouraging their active participation in their care, and collaborates on strategies to reduce future health risks. Her unwavering dedication to patient care inspires her colleagues to strive for excellence in patient safety and care. Congratulations to Dana, for being a 2023 Patient Safety Champion!
Chris McCallum and Alexis Steinke

Chris McCallum – Primary Care Paramedic
Alexis Steinke – Primary Care Paramedic
Elgin EMS

Shoutout to our amazing paramedics, Alexis Steinke and Chris McCallum! Their dedication to patient advocacy and safety is truly commendable. Not only do Alexis and Chris keep families and patients informed, but they also go the extra mile to ease the stress of both patients and their caregivers. Consistently setting an example for the next generation of healthcare professionals, Alexis and Chris actively participate in equipment trials, providing valuable feedback. Cheers to Alexis and Chris for making a significant impact on our community!

Robin Jensen – Clinical Transport Operator

Meet Robin Jensen, a safety leader and Clinical Transport Operator (CTO) within EHS Operations! Not only does Robin set the bar for exemplary patient care, he also advocates for his patients, providing solutions to improve patient experiences. With a strong focus on safety, Robin actively participates as an Occupational Health and Safety representative and uses that expertise to teach new CTOs how to identify potential hazards and reduce patient risks. Robin's commitment to safety and outstanding patient care makes him a 2023 Patient Safety Champion!

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