Medavie Health Connect on CTV

As a trusted health solutions partner, Medavie is the sponsor of a new monthly television segment, Medavie Health Connect, on CTV Morning Live Atlantic. The Medavie Health Connect airs the first Tuesday of the month on CTV Morning Live Atlantic.

View segments below:

A Spotlight on PEI's New Community Paramedicine Initiative

James Orchard, General Manager of Island EMS, shares his insights about PEI's new Community Paramedicine Initiative and showcases how this program is improving 911 calls, delivering timely care, and helping to ease the strain on the broader healthcare system.

A Look Inside the World of a Critical Care Flight Nurse

In recognition of National Nursing Week (May 6-12, 2024), we showcase the unique work of a Critical Care Flight Nurse with New Brunswick's air ambulance program. Learn what it is like to provide care to people 35,000 feet in the air.

Video Technology in Health Care

Step into the world of medical communications as we learn about the workings of the Medical Communications Centre (MCC) Clinical Team. View a simulated call firsthand at the Emergency Health Services (NS) MCC and see how medical expertise and video link technology are used to improve patient care.

A Focus on Women's Health and Women in Paramedicine

Join Kelly Williams, Advanced Care Paramedic at Island EMS, and Darby McCormick, Advanced Care Paramedic at Island EMS, as they share some simple steps women can take to maintain control over their well-being and live their best lives. Additionally, we shine a light on women in paramedicine and share stories of those who choose a career dedicated to making a difference.

Stroke Prevention Made Simple

Having a stroke is a medical emergency, so it's essential to know how to detect the initial signs. Charles Dallaire from Medavie Health Services shares information on stroke awareness and offers advice on how to be ready to help if someone close to you experiences stroke-like symptoms.

Protecting Yourself from Respiratory Illness

During the colder months, it's common to see an increase in respiratory illness. Registered Nurse Erin Murray discusses the importance of getting a flu shot, talking to a medical professional, and other tips to help you be healthy and happy throughout the chilly season.

The Health Benefits of Giving Back

The festive holiday season brings presents and gatherings with loved ones, yet it often comes with stress. Medavie's Director of Social Responsibility, Andrea Elliott, explores the joy of giving back as a powerful way to alleviate stress and bring more joy to the season!

Spotlight on CPR Awareness

November is CPR awareness month. Mary-Lou Price, Provincial Public Access Defibrillation Program Coordinator, and Mike Janczyszyn, AED Registry Program Coordinator and Advanced Care Paramedic, discuss the importance around CPR and AED education.

Tips to Shop Smart

Stretching our grocery budget is a common concern and the choices we make can impact our health. Registered dietitian Nanette Giswold shares tips to make nutritious food choices without breaking the bank.

Mental Wellness and Resiliency

Donna Galloway and Grant Atkinson-Hardy from the Medavie Health Services Mobile Mental Health Service explore mental wellness and helpful tools for daily life.

Summer Heat Safety

Janel Swain, Advanced Care Paramedic and Manager of Clinical Services at EHS Operations, shares important information with viewers about enjoying the summer weather safely.

Spotlight on Paramedics: What to Expect When Dialing 911

Jillian Sherry, EHS Medical Communications Officer, and Samantha LaPugh, Advanced Care Paramedic, share information about their role and what viewers can expect if they call 911 for help.

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